The Ultimate Guide to Home Remedies For Cough

The Ultimate Guide to Home Remedies For Cough

Hello Friends Welcome To healthcare  In India Climate Changes frequently so people Get Infected To Viral Cough Or Fever Normal Adult And Children Because Its Depend On Your Immunity system Today I am Sharing The Ultimate Guide to Home Remedies For Cough It Will Help You

Coughing is very common. Cough can range from children to the elderly. A slight change in the weather, or other reasons, makes people cough evenly.

There is also a sore throat and pain when coughing. Whenever a person has a cough, it is seen that he buys and consumes cough medicine from the drugstore,

but Actually, when coughing, dust, smoke or mucus, etc. start coming out from the airways of the body. If the cough is not treated quickly, coughing and chest pain starts. Let us know about home remedies for cough.

Home remedies for cough?

Coughing is one of the effects of frequent change in the weather. For some who have a weak immune system, coughing can be very inconvenient and disturbing.

There are some people who still go for home remedies for a cough, but others believe in the power of medication. In spite of the modern age, home remedies can still be considered natural. This is the reason why many people still believe that home remedies for cough are more effective than medicines.

What is Cough?

According to Ayurveda, cough is caused by an imbalance of Vata, pitta, phlegm. Due to unhealthy food and lifestyle, Vata and Kapha doshas begin in the body, it causes coughing. Cough is mainly due to phlegm defects.

Cough Types?

There are mainly two types of cough-

Other types of cough

These other types of cough are:

High cough:- It occurs for a short time, and or mostly due to infection of the upper trachea. It is caused by flu or a common cold.

chronic cough:- It can last for 6-8 weeks. This Allergic rhinitis, T.B. Or caused by Lung cancer and Lung infection.

You can try these treatments in cough disease: –


  • Boil leaves of basil in water and make a decoction.
  • Mix the juice of basil leaves, and ginger juice and eat with honey.


  • Licking one spoon of ginger juice with honey provides relief from dry cough.
  • Boil ginger in water thoroughly. When the decoction is ready, mix two spoons of honey and drink, it provides relief in cough.


  • Mix one spoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle it twice a day. It provides relief from dry cough.


  • Mixing half a teaspoon of onion juice, and a teaspoon of honey and taking it twice a day provides relief in cough.


  • Powder of licorice reduces inflammation in the respiratory system and loosens mucus. For this, boil two tablespoons of licorice powder in 2-3 glasses of water, and steam it for 10-15 minutes.

Home remedies for cough for kids?

It is very common for children to cough. It is often seen that whenever a child has a cough, the parents get very nervous and immediately contact the doctor.

 You do not need to panic, because the cough is not a disease. This is a sign of any other problems happening in the body.

Do you know that you can treat children’s cough in Ayurvedic way too? Do you know what is the panacea for the treatment of children’s cough?

Small children have frequent colds and coughs and have to consult a doctor repeatedly. Excessive consumption of allopathic medicines also affects the body of children. Therefore you can use Ayurvedic methods.

Let us know what are the home remedies for cough of children, what are the remedies to remove phlegm. It is also known what medicines are used for the treatment of children’s cough

Cough in Children?

Children get more cold and cough. Cough is a reaction made by the body to warn about diseases. Due to the lack of immunity in the body, and viral infection, the respiratory tract gets swollen. This causes the children to cough.

Types of Cough in Kids?

According to Ayurveda, there are five types of cough, namely, Vataj, Pitta, Kafaj, and Kshataj,

And Kshyaj cough. Vataj, pittaja, and Karaj are related to Tridosha, but Khataj and Kshyaj are due to some other reasons. These coughs are more dangerous.

They can be identified as follows: –

Gout cough:- The phlegm in the aortic cough is very rare, or does not come out at all. Coughs constantly bother trying to remove phlegm. There is a pain in the ribs, stomach, chest, etc.

Biliary cough:- The taste of phlegm in bitter cough is bitter. If vomiting occurs while coughing, yellow, bitter bile is produced. I feel thirsty. There is a burning sensation in the body.

Cough cough:- Kapha comes loose easily in cough cough. The taste of phlegm becomes sweet and the taste of the mouth fades. There is anorexia towards food. Laziness remains a shadow

Chronic cough:Accidental cough arises due to different reasons. It is caused by lifting the heavy burdens, putting more strength by the body, more anger, etc.

If children have a cough, you can cure them with these medicines: –


You can take grapes as cough medicine (Khasi ki Dawa). Grapes work naturally to remove phlegm. It removes phlegm from the lungs. Add honey to its juice. Give this juice to the child a little before bed.

Honey and Lemon:-

  • Honey is the home remedy for children’s cold. It has many qualities. Mix 2 to 3 teaspoons honey in 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Keep giving this mixture to the child every 2 hours. It is a very good cough medicine (Khasi ki Dawa).
  • With this, mixing 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey in a glass, or a cup of warm milk, can also be given to the child. Both remedies use panacea. This small experiment is beneficial in both cold and cough.

Garlic and Honey:-

Grind a small garlic clove in case of cold of young children. Add a little honey to it and lick the child.

Do this 2-3 times a day. Use this after waking up in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night before sleeping. This cough medicine is very beneficial.


Basil is used a lot as cough medicine. Give the juice of basil leaves and feed the child.  This is a very effective solution.


Elder’s cough or child’s cough. In all, the mixture of aloe vera juice and honey is quite effective. It is a very beneficial cough medicine (Khasi ki Dawa).

Conclusion:- Most Of the People follow All Remedies but No Result Because All People problems Are Not the Same  So I Have Mention the Most Effective Home Remedies

In This Article Hope, It Will Help You And If You Don’t Get a Result Please Do Visit To A Doctor For Further Result 

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