How Diet Plan for Kidney Stone Saved My Life

How Diet Plan for Kidney Stone Saved My Life

Hello Friends Welcome To healthcare When I was Suffering From Kidney Stone I Tried Lots Of Remedies & Medicine But No Result Seen One Of My Family Dr. Suggest A  Diet Plan For Kidney Stone 

That I Followed And It Gives Amazing Result So Today I Am Sharing How Diet Plan for Kidney Stone Saved My Life That You Should Try 

Any type of kidney disease is serious. People can also die due to many kidney-related diseases. Therefore, carelessness cannot be taken towards such a disease.

Today, many people are suffering from various types of kidney disease, and are taking medicines daily as per the doctor,

 but do you know that patients should also adopt proper diet chart while treating kidney disease? it happens. Therefore, information is being given about diet plans for kidney patients.

Your Diet During Kidney Disease?

  • The Diet of people suffering from kidney disorders should be like this:
  • Grains: Wheat, Rice
  • Lentils: Moong
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Pomegranate, Papaya, Capsicum, Onion, Cucumber, Tinda, Parwal, Gourd, Luffa, Bitter Gourd, Kaddu, Radish, Cucumber, Kundru, Cabbage, Capsicum

Other: light food, garlic, coriander, mint, nutmeg, olive oil, sunflower oil, Patanjali Arogya Biscuits


  • Take 1 bowl of rice (unsweetened) only 1-2 times a week
  • Take half a teaspoon of rock salt (more, less or can be closed according to the patient’s illness) in 24 hours
  • Drink 1 teaspoon refined oil/mustard oil/peanut oil in 24 hours
  • Drink only 1 liter of the substance (more, can also be reduced according to the patient’s illness) within a 24-hour interval.
  • Do not take any vegetable or fruit juice in the condition of diabetes,
  • take rice without gluten
  • Soak it in water for 45 minutes before making moong dal
    In case of extreme weakness take 10-15 gm paneer
  • Boil vegetables thoroughly and drain them and consume them
  • Do not consume fruits if the creatinine level is more than 5.0

Kidney Stone Symptoms?

Kidney stone disease symptoms can be very worrying for a lot of people and rightly so. Kidney disease can be a difficult disease to treat effectively and requires expert medical help

to ensure that a proper diagnosis is made and that suitable treatment is received.

So the first thing to say is just to make sure that you seek professional medical help if you believe that you might be suffering from kidney disease symptoms.

Many people have kidney stones and often they don’t even know it at first due to the tiny stones being passed in the urine.

If the stones do not pass and grow larger though then this is when someone might start to notice symptoms and may need some treatment to help pass the stones.

Passing larger kidney stones can be a painful experience so it’s always a good idea to get it dealt with as soon as possible.

Following some sort of a kidney stone diet can be a good way to minimize problems and also help to prevent them from recurring.

As with any diet exactly what is suitable for you personally should be decided by a suitably qualified medical person and this will also usually involve a dietitian.

There are a few common guidelines such as avoiding salt and MSG, limiting your protein intake,

and reducing potassium and phosphorus consumption. It is also important to drink the right amount of fluids, not too little but not excessive amounts either.

Thankfully for many people, their kidney-related problems don’t prove to be life-threatening if they receive the proper medical attention early enough.

You should always take this seriously but with the right treatment and dietary changes kidney disease can very often be manageable and good quality of life maintained.

So just because you might think you have kidney stones you don’t need to worry too much, just make sure you seek advice from your medical practitioner and take it from there.



Diet Plan (Vegetarianism)

Breakfast (8: 30 -9: 30AM)

1/2 cup milk + idli (semolina) / 1 bowl poha / Patanjali Arogya porridge (low salt) / upma (semolina) / 1-2 thin roti + 1 bowl vegetable and paneer (1-2 pieces)

Day meal (01: 30-02: 30) PM

1-2 thin rotis (Patanjali mixed grain flour) + 1 bowl green vegetables + ½ bowl lentils (moong dal)

Evening Breakfast (3:30 pm)

1/2 bowl Lae / Chura / Moong Dal + 1/2 cup milk

Dinner (08:00 – 09:00 Pm)

1 thin roti (Patanjali mixed grain flour) +1/2 bowl green vegetables

Advice: If the patient has a habit of tea, then one cup of Patanjali can be given divine drink instead.

5 points to Remember In  Your Lifestyle During Kidney Disease?

In kidney disease, your lifestyle should be like this:

  • Do not eat before the first meal is digested.
  • Do not exercise too much.
  • Don’t be angry, afraid, worry early.
  • Do not sleep during the day.
  • Do not eat excessively.

Food to Avoid in Kidney Disease?

People suffering from kidney disease should not consume them-

  • Grain: new paddy, maida
  • Lentils: Urad Dal, Kabuli Chana, Peas, Rajma, Soyabean
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Kiwi, Beans, Tomatoes, Raisins, Dates, Plum, Potato, Jackfruit, Brinjal, Arabi (Guiya), Okra, Jamun, Peach, Raw Mango, Banana
  • Other: oil, jaggery, samosa, pagoda, paratha, chaat, papad, new grains, citrus, dry vegetables, man alpha, heavy foods like chickpeas, cold food, yogurt, milk products (khoya, maha), non-vegetarian, alcohol smoking, More salt, oily and spicy food, honey, bakery products

Conclusion:-  Kidney stone Causes Due To Many reasons  But  If You Drink More water So It Can Help You To Pass Away kidney Stone Fast 

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