Diet chart for piles patient

Diet chart for piles patient

Hello, Friends welcome To healthcare In piles, swelling and warts occur inside and outside the patient’s anus. This is a disease in which the patient suffers a lot. As You, All Know That In today’s Topic We Are Sharing Some Diet chart for piles patient

It is often seen that as soon as the symptoms of Piles are detected, the patient tries to cure the disease, and according to the doctor, he also takes medicines, but even then many times they are not fully treated.

This leads to the operation. In fact, in a disease like Piles Also Know As (hemorrhoids}, the patient needs to pay a lot of attention to his food as well as medicines. Therefore, information on the diet chart for piles is being given here.

By adopting this information, you will not only be able to prevent disease but will also be able to treat hemorrhoids properly if you are sick.

Diet for piles patient?

In case of suffering from piles patient, your diet should be like this:

  • Grains: Wheat, Barley, Shali Rice.
  • Lentils: Masoor dal, moong, wheat, pigeon pea.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Drinkers (Shigru), Tinda, Nutmeg, Parwal, Garlic, Gourd, Luffa, Bitter Gourd, Kaddu, Seasonal Vegetables, Chaulai, Bathua, Guava, Amla, Papaya, Radish Leaves, Fenugreek, Saag, Suran, Fiber-Rich Fruits – Cucumbers, carrots, beans, beans.
  • Other: light food, black salt, whey, drink more water, cumin, turmeric, fennel, mint, honey, wheat sorghum, purnava, lemon, myrobalan, Panchkula, asafoetida.

Food to Avoid in Piles?

If you are suffering from piles, you should not consume this Food Because This Types Of Food Can Produce Heat In Your Body And You Will Get Inflammation At Piles: –

Grain: New paddy, maida.

Lentils: Urad dal, Kabuli chana, peas, soybeans, chickpeas.

Fruits and Vegetables: Potato, Shimla, Chilli, Jackfruit, Brinjal, Arabic (Guia), Bhindi, Jamun, Peach, Raw Mango, Banana, All Chillies.

Other: Oil, jaggery, samosa, pakoda, paratha, chaat, papad, new grains, acids, bitter juices, dry vegetables, malphua, cold food.

Strict refusal: oily spicy food, non-vegetarian, oil, ghee bakery products, junk food, canned food

 Diet chart for piles patient?

To cure hemorrhoids Or Piles, wake up in the morning and drink 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water on an empty stomach before cleaning your teeth (without rinse). 

Drink Aavla and Aloe Vera juice before breakfast. Follow these things as well.



Diet Plan (Vegetarianism)

Breakfast (8:30 AM)

1 cup divine drink with less milk + 1-2 Arogya biscuits / low salt Arogya porridge / poha / upma (semolina) / sprouted grains / 2 thin rotis (mixed grain flour) + 1 bowl vegetable / moong dal khichdi / Fruit Salad (Apple, Papaya, Guava)

Food of the day (12: 30-01: 30 PM)

1-2 thin rotis (mixed cereal flour) + 1/2 bowl rice (mandal) / khichdi / whey, 1 bowl green vegetables (boiled) +1 bowl dal moong (thin) + 1 plate salad

Evening Breakfast (5: 30-6: 00 pm)

1 cup Patanjali divine drink with less milk + 1-2 Patanjali Arogya Biscuits / Vegetable Soup

Dinner (7: 00 – 8:00 Pm)

1-2 thin rotis With Patanjali  mixed grain flour) + 1 bowl green vegetables (fiber) +1 bowl Dal moong (thin)


If the patient has a habit of tea, then one cup of Patanjali can be given divine drink instead.

Points to be Remember in Piles?

When You Are Suffering From Piles Or (Hemorrhoids)Disease You Should Take Care While treating piles, keep these things in mind: –

  • Practice meditation and yoga daily.
  • Must have fresh and light hot food.
  • Eat slowly in a quiet place with a calm, positive, and happy mind.
  • Must eat three to four times.
  • Do not give up food at any time, and avoid excessive food.
  • Fasting once a week.
  • Leave 1 / 3rd / 1 / 4th of the stomach empty.
  • Chew food properly and eat slowly.
  • Walk 3-5 minutes after taking food.
  • Wake up before sunrise [5:30 – 6:30 am].
  • Clean the teeth twice daily. 
  • Do Jivah daily.
  • Take a walk after taking food.
  • Sleep at the right time [9-10 PM] at night.

Conclusion: Piles Is a Very Painful Disease And If You Taking medicine And Still You Don’t Get Relief So you Should keep Your diet food Light And drink More Water 

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