8 Effective home remedies for weight gain

8 Effective home remedies for weight gain

Hello, Friends welcome To healthcare When the body becomes obese, the chances of suffering from many diseases increases. Similarly, a very lean body is also a sign of being unwell So Guys I am Sharing Amazing 8 Effective home remedies for weight gain

As You Know. A weak body can become diseased sooner than a healthy body. Often, slim people take many measures. To increase their weight or become fat, but they do not get complete success.

Due to thinness, people start facing many kinds of problems or they have to face embarrassment. You can do the home remedy gain weight or become fat

Home Remedies For Weight Gain Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters?

Weight gain occurs when more energy is gained than the energy expended by life activities, including normal physiological processes and physical Excercise

What is Weight Gaining?

An increase in body weight is called weight gain. Home Remedies Weight gain will increases when a person has less physical activity than calories consumed. It occurs due to the accumulation of body fat or excess fluid. Weight gain in general is not a problem.

 Weight Gaining Causes?

Weight gain starts due to these reasons: –

  • Lack of physical activity.
  • The habit of eating something repeatedly.
  • Due to thyroid-related problems (Hypothyroidism).
  • Depression. Under stress, a person gets used to eating more food.
  • Eating more oily, fatty, and stale food (mota hone ka upay), junk food, and preservative foods.
  • Eating more, but having a dull lifestyle. If you eat an overdose, or fatty food, but have to sit throughout the day, your weight may increase rapidly.

8 Home remedies for weight gain?

Diseases arise due to a decrease or increase of defects in the body. Ayurvedic treatment is a natural remedy. It balances the defects of the body and ends the disease from its roots.

Increased defects are reduced by ayurvedic therapy, and balanced when reduced. Therefore, to increase weight, a person should Follow home remedy For weight Gain or Ayurvedic remedy which is: –

Banana:-You can  Eat at least three to four bananas a day. Banana is nutritious and full of nutrients. It can be eaten with milk or curd. It helps in increasing the weight 

Milk&Honey: Drink honey with milk daily at breakfast, and at night before bed. The use of milk and honey as a medicine for getting fat gives great benefits. It increases weight and also improves digestion power.

Almond Dates & Fig:- Boil three to four almonds, dates, and figs in milk and boil them. After boiling well, drink milk before bedtime if it is lukewarm. It is an Ayurvedic medicine for getting fat.

Milk & Oats:Consume fatty milk with oats. Make and eat wheat porridge in fatty milk. This increases weight. This remedy is used as an Ayurvedic medicine for getting fat.

Apple & Carrot:- Grate an apple and carrot of equal quality, including an equal amount of skin. Eat it after lunch. In a few weeks,

Raisins:-Soak 10 grams of raisins in milk for about four hours. Boil this milk before bedtime. When lukewarm, drink milk and eat raisins. Raisin reinforces the body and increases weight Rapidly

Barley:-Soak the barley and crush it as required. 60g of this barley Volume of 500 g Make a home gaining diet by mixing it with milk. Have breakfast for two months.

By taking this Kheer daily for two months, lean or weak people also become obese. This leads to an increase in weight 

Soybean:Eat soybean and sprouted grains at breakfast. They contain plenty of protein. It is used as a thickening medicine to strengthen the body and increase weight.

Conclusion:- In This Article, All Home Remedies Are Very Effective & You Can Use It Without Any Side Effects 

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