4 Effective ways to treat constipation and improve digestion

4 Effective ways to treat constipation and improve digestion

Hello Friends Welcome To healthcare As we’re going to talk about constipation or bad digestion in this Article. I’ll be sharing with you the home remedies, the simple one. You will find them all in your kitchen are it’s easily available all over the world. And at last,

I’ll share with you 4 Effective ways to treat constipation and improve digestion And the reasons why a person has a constipation Problem because, yes, the home remedies will work.

But how long would you like to go for these home remedies? Not for your whole life. Right. So that’s why it’s very important to understand the reason why it’s happening then.

It is called treatment. I will tell you the home remedies. You will do it OK? You will have the results. But what will be after that? On the third day. On the fourth day.

So for this, it’s better to know the reasons also. So stick with me up to the last. So now let’s move towards the home remedies

4 Home Remedies For Constipation & improve Digestion?

4 Home Remedies For Constipation & improve Digestion?

  • First Home Remedy:- is just using clarify, but it’s also known as QI. It’s very common. And right now it’s very famous, found all over the world

How to use it:- Just take one tablespoon of clarified butter or key. It should be of good quality. This is the main thing melted and it should be in liquid form and makes it, you know, one cup of milk. You can take milk. If you don’t want to take milk, then you can go for water also and drink it at night and 1 hr before going to bed.

And you will be amazed because this simple stuff helps a lot. You can increase the quantity up to two to three tablespoons. It starts from one teaspoon and goes up to three tablespoons.

So it’s individual, everyone is different. So just see which one suits you the most. So I will say to just start with one tablespoon and then see how your body reacts. So this is my first recommendation.

  • Second Home Remedy:It’s very simple. It’s the use of pumpkin. Yes, pumpkin is one of the best vegetables that helps a lot in the nation. Use it in any form if you want to cook it or if you want to eat it raw as you want,

just use it and you will see that it helps a lot in your digestion. So if you have constipation or you have little big problems with digestion, go for a pumpkin. You can eat it for all of your life if you want every day. Also,

it’s nothing wrong with it and I think no one is going to do so. No, I mean, it’s safe to use. So use it as much as you can and you will see good results. Even its seeds are also very,

very useful, especially for the men’s. If you have any problems with the prostate, then pumpkin seeds are very helpful to seed and the whole vegetable.

How to use them:- The seeds you can use as you want. You can use them as a dressing. You can eat them as you like, but use them if you talk about the seed, the first best seed for a gastrointestinal tract and especially for bad digestion,

The first number comes up. Flaxseed, flax seeds are very good. You have to use them in your salads or you can just put in the water at night and in the morning you can eat them as you like.

You can mix them in your smoothies or as you want just using them. You will see very good effects because yes, they are very rich in Omega,

All of them, and plus they have good amino acids and plus they have good roughage also, which helps US interrogations over the first number of the second,

our pumpkin seed. So coming back to our topic, pumpkin seeds are very effective.

  • Third Home Remedy:-  is just the use of raisins. Yes. The best reason that should be used, they are known as Monaca. Or you can say that they are the black raisins that have seeds.

 Also, if you can find them, it’s well and good. If you can’t find, then you can use any of the reason how much raisins to take as much as you will get in your bum.

How to use them:- This is the size as much as you can get. Just put them in the room temperature water or limit warm water at night and in the morning. Just chew them and in them, you can drink this water also and you will see this simple home remedy.

 It’s very tasty. Also, even you can give it to small children. Also, these things affect a lot. So just do them and you will see the raisins also helps see in this article,

I’m not going to talk about the Castro oil, the use of castor oil, and other stuff because you can do them every single day over here.

I’m telling the stuff that you can do every single day for a little bit a long period of time. Means for two months, even for three months, you can do this stuff,

it’s no problems with it and pumpkin and key, all these things you can do all of your life also even reasons.

  • Forth Home Remedy:my last recommendation, or you can see the home remedy that we can do is just making a simple 

How to use them:- just take a little bit of ginger how much it differs from person to person. It should be your drink should be a little bit of I mean, you can say a little bit of hot.

So this means you can take plus add one tablespoon of anise. Yes. Just mix both of them in the water and one glass of water or one cup of water. It’s better to be safe and boil it for three minutes, three to five minutes.

Just boil it. This is ready and just drink this tea two to three times in a day after your meal. And you will see that if you have problems like flatulence, gas, bloating, anything, any discomfort in your stomach, you will see this.

This gives tremendous effects just with one use. So N-E and Ginger, they are very good. Use them and see the effects. So all these whatever

I have said you can do, actually, all of them at night eating the key clarified butter in the morning, using raisins, using more pumpkin, and at last drinking this.

These things combine also gives very good effects. Or either you can choose any one of them. So it depends upon you. Just give it a try and you will see very good effects on your digestive tract.

Why People Suffer From Constipation & Digestion?

What I have seen in many Case it is the first reason that I have noticed it is because of the medicines that the person is taking means if a person is ill and he’s taking any of the medicine,

it’s for the heart, it’s for the liver or anything. It’s for Harmons or thyroid. These kinds of medicines give side effect on our digestive tract and this causes constipation.

This is the first reason. The second reason that I have seen it is because of the stress. If a person is in lots of stress for sure and give effect to our metabolism,

I’ll tell you, one of my patients, she came to me when she was late. She’s pregnant. It was like maybe she has six to eight months of baby.

I was thinking so. But actually it was because of constipation that in addition and what happened, I talked to her. It was a consultation of about one and a half hours. So I think it was a hand on the second day.

The problem was gone. Her stomach was flat because she changed the style of living style of thinking. So stress plays a big role. So just try to find a way to get out of the stress because this causes many effects on our body.

 And plus, it is one of the biggest causes of our constipation. So this is the second one. The third reason is, yes, for sure. If you are not living a good or a healthy lifestyle, you are not eating lots of roughage.

So if a person is not eating raw fish means green, leafy vegetables, fruits and eating the food that stays for long in our body means the right flu, also known as Medda.

So if you are eating these kinds of stuff more, then yes, for sure it will cause constipation. Also, if you are not eating your food at a particular time, means one day you are having lunch at 1:00 p.m. and

Another day you are having lunch at three p.m. Somebody doesn’t understand when the food will be coming.

So that’s why the body becomes lazy. The body doesn’t work and this gives effect on our magician. You might have noticed that if you eat every single day at 1 pm after a month if you will skip this,

you will feel that at one o’clock sharp you have no hunger. You are feeling that you want to eat.

Why it’s happening because now your body is ready. All the enzymes, all the secretions, all the organs, they are ready to get the food.

That’s why you are feeling this. So that’s why it’s very important to eat on time, to wake up on time,

to sleep on time, and to live a healthy lifestyle. Without this, nothing is going to affect. These home remedies will help you, but not for long.

Then your body will be elliptic them also. So it’s very important to change. Your lifestyle and do exercises for sure, you will know this,

I know this, so I’m just reminding you that you have to do this and for sure that things will change for the good. So try all this and let me know Your Feedback

Conclusion:- All This Home Remedy Are Suitable For All People But If A Women Is Pregnant So You Should Not Try Such Home Remedies You Should Consult A Dr. All Above This Information Mention In This Article By Dr. Manish S Sagalgile

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